Optimize our Wellbeing with Supplements

“Do we really need to take supplements?” “Isn’t a healthy diet enough?”  Doctors are asked this question thousands of times a day! Although there is much data verifying the countless benefits, there has also been some research into specific supplements that remain unconvincing.  Despite this, over 85% of medical doctors regularly take supplementation.  Doesn’t this tell us something!

Furthermore, the sale of vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals comprise a $37 billion industry in the US and $100 billion worldwide. Notwithstanding ever-changing views on the scientific evidence of different products, it is ever-increasing with a projection to exceed $150 billion by 2020. Again, doesn’t this tell us something!?

Health supplements have been around for thousands of years. The earliest record of a natural or herbal medicine goes back 6,000 years when the Sumerians lived in the Fertile Crescent or modern day Iraq.

“There is evidence dating back 3,500-5,000 years ago when Chinese naturalists of their day were using natural herbs in conjunction with acupuncture” as described in “Take Two Tablets” authored by Dr’s. Kash, Einav & Friedland (White River Press 2016).

Hippocrates of ancient Greece along with the Buddhist practices of Nanhai Ji Gui Neifa Zhu ( 南海寄归内法传) all espoused the use of natural products to enhance health and create balance.

Today more than ever together with good exercise, stress relieving techniques such as meditation and a healthy diet: we are really in need of powerful micronutrients for our body and our brain. These comprise not only the essential vitamins and minerals, but also amino acids, excellent fatty acids and organic natural extracts to neutralize the damage caused by our intensely stressful lives and factors within the environment beyond our control.

Ideally a healthy diet should contribute all our mineral and vitamin requirements, but in the real world where we skip meals, overeat, eat the wrong foods and stress our bodies and brains with a fast -paced busy life, we are all nutrient -deficient in many of the most important elements. Over 60% of people in the US do not consume even two thirds (2/3) of the recommended daily allowances of essential vitamins and minerals. In addition to this, much valuable research has demonstrated the need for top quality supplementation to ward off illnesses and possibly even prevent cancer.

Remarkable substances called phytonutrients and antioxidants found in brightly colored red and purple fruits (as in Andorra’s Organic reds drink), omega 3 fatty acids (found in Andorra’s Caviar Omega), and vitamin C, grapeseed and green tea extract (as found in Andorra’s OPC Supreme) help neutralize damaged cells and play a most important role in preventing illness.

In many instances, the only clue of a nutrient deficiency may be fatigue, difficulty concentrating or a non-specific feeling of being unwell. Sometimes no symptoms occur at all until much later. But being deficient may be linked to several mental, emotional and physical problems including memory loss, mood swings, depression, heart conditions and osteoporosis.

I get asked all the time from patients and clients ‘”What vitamins should I take?” Although supplementation is best individualized according to your specific needs or condition, I recommend to all my patients what I call ‘”Nutritional Insurance”.  Ensure you are taking the three basics that will build up your immunity and general body functioning – (1) a best quality multivitamin mineral supplement together with (2) an omega 3 fatty acid and thirdly (3) a potent phytonutrient formula with antioxidant properties such as Andorra’s OPC Supreme or Organic Reds which will go a long way towards preventing illness and contributing to a harmonious and healthy way of life.

– Dr. Linda Friedland