AndorraLife has released a newly improved formulation for their dietary supplement, Enzyme Plus, which already contains the most advanced complex of 15 nutrients and enzymes. Now with Sunfiber®, Enzyme Plus alleviates constipation and irregularity without undesirable and problematic side effects such as diarrhea.

What is SunFiber®? SunFiber® is an all-natural, 100% water-soluble dietary fiber that is clinically proven to lower the body’s glycemic index. In addition to its being tasteless, colorless, and odorless, it delivers high fiber content, improves mineral absorption, and maintains a healthy digestive system.

Derived from the Guar plant in Western India, Sunfiber® promotes intestinal and colon health by alleviating constipation without overly degrading stool firmness. The result is regularity with healthy consistency.

Many dietary fiber products on the market block the body’s absorption of essential minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. SunFiber, alternatively, promotes the absorption of these minerals, ensuring the body receives the maximum benefits from the foods it digests.

SunFiber is widely used by diabetics who suffer from glucose intolerance, and others who struggle with blood glucose management. By regulating the glycemic index of foods, SunFiber helps the body combat increases in blood glucose levels.

Working synergistically with SunFiber, Andorra’s Enzyme Plus is now more effective in targeting the most difficult foods to digest. Enzyme Plus’ new formulation of increased fiber – along with the most advanced complex of 15 nutrients and enzymes – is projected to benefit an even larger audience of sufferers who endure glucose-related ailments.

Sunfiber® – Invisible Fiber. Visible Benefits.