TRUST: The Cornerstone of Teamwork

From the time of birth, almost every animal species relies on others. The young relies on its parents and in certain cases needs the pride, herd, or pod that they belong to. Life in this world can be very challenging. Fortunately most of us have had the opportunity to receive care and support from our loved ones. In different periods in our lives, friends and colleagues can reach out too if needed. This brings me to share the concept of trust which lies at the core of all relationships. The perfect symbol and root for so many words or characters in the Chinese language derives from the character representing people or Ren (人). You can see that Ren is embedded in so many descriptive words such as: Harmony (和谐中的和) and Destiny (命运中的命). Having trust in the team allows a much greater opportunity for success.


Andrew Carnegie, a self-made steel tycoon and one of the wealthiest 19th century U.S. businessmen, emphasizes trust as the key element in the growth and success of an individual and more importantly the team. He once said “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision and direct individual accomplishment.”  Later in the 20th century another great icon Michael Jordan stated that “talent wins games but teamwork wins championships.”  The trust in Teamwork is no different from in the wild. Egrets and Water Buffalo live in harmony as the Egret uses its beak to remove the insects that invade the Water Buffalo’s hide. Plover Birds actually enter the crocodile’s mouth to clean its teeth and gets to eat leftovers. Most beautifully, Zebras with great eye sight and Ostriches with a great sense of smell work together against predators, thereby having a greater chance of survival than by themselves.  Sedova-Franks & Frank in 1999 published data on the evolution of animal societies demonstrating that unselfish individuals cooperating and working together have a much greater chance of success than working alone.

Positive interdependence with great trust allows each affiliate to succeed in his/her own way. Those affiliates who are doing very well need to offer their time and advice with helping newer affiliates who might not know as much about Wayal, its products or the business opportunity. No different than in the wild, collectively working together allows the individual as well as the organization to have greater success. Trust is undoubtedly one of the most valuable business commodities. It will allow both your relationships and business to flourish.

The management at Wayal is always available to assist, train as well as learn from the “Affiliates”. For the word family in Latin means being part of a household; I believe that is what Wayal strives to be a second household. Hence no different than feedback on a great home cooked meal from our mothers and grandmothers, always feel free to share feedback with management to make your experience that much better.

Dr. Peter Kash Ed.D/MBA