5 Health Tips For Very Busy Women

For women, the way we are working isn’t always working out so well. In reality ‘having it all’ as we have come to know it, is utterly exhausting. We have prided ourselves in our capacity to do it all – raise a family, build a career, maintain relationships, and stay on top of it all. The reality is that something always gets sacrificed. It is unlikely to be work or the children who suffer, but rather our own health and energy.

How can we possibly do it differently? The workload and the responsibilities may deplete our energy but often our unrealistic expectations of ourselves may interfere with achieving peace of mind. Most of us do a great job at work and are devoted mothers at the same time. What takes a real beating in doing it all is our own mental and physical wellbeing.

 Here are five super tips to get on top of it all!


“Put your hand up and be bold and be courageous. Be prepared to back yourself, be prepared to have a go!” Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook executive and author of Lean In describes how we often feel a sense of “I’m not good enough, I’m not adequate, I’m not going to do this well. I might fail, what happens if I fail?” As women, our lack of self -belief and the constant ‘self speak’ of not being good enough is what may obstruct our path and exhaust us. Believe in yourself and your success!


Working hard is essential. However, the need to persistently prove yourself and go beyond the call of duty is not. These common characteristics of working women are both unnecessary and the cause of much of the burnout and breakdown experienced. When you leave work……leave work! Although it is much easier said than done, know when to stop. Your time outside of the office should be spent on you and the people you care about. And don’t hesitate in asking for help!


In reality, very little is urgent. Yet we tackle every task at work and at home with urgency and frenzy. In prioritizing your day, become aware of what is essential, what is important, and what is minor. Only the tasks that are time dependent require a greater intensity. And most of the time, they are not urgent!


Although it often seems impossible, with discipline and planning you can ensure you keep well hydrated, exercise, and eat the most nourishing foodstuffs. Develop a healthy sleep strategy too. For far too long, sleep has not received the attention it deserves. It is undoubtedly the most powerful restorative tool we have at our disposal. During the workday, ensure you get up from your desk and stretch your muscles. Take a short walk. The simplest way to recharge energy is by breathing. Learning to practice mindfulness and meditation is a very effective way to defuse stress, strengthen neural connections, oxygenate the brain, and enhance powerful brain neurotransmitters. Ensure you structure some time for yourself to defuse your stress and to recharge your energy such as a regular massage.


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Although it often seems impossible, with discipline, planning, self-belief and determination you can achieve peace of mind, improved energy and greater success!