Have you purchased a Founder’s Pack?
Congratulations! You are eligible for the new Mentor Bonus!
Your new personally enrolled Affiliates who have accumulated $2,000 in GMB during the first 12 pay cycles will qualify you for a $1,200 Mentor Bonus ($700 Health Fund + $500 Commission).

Terms and Conditions:
1. To be eligible for the Mentor Bonus, you must have purchased the Founder’s Pack.
2. To be eligible for the Mentor Bonus, your newly enrolled Affiliates must join between April 1st 2018 and Dec 31st 2018.
3. The Mentor Bonus will be paid after the newly enrolled Affiliate completes the 12th pay cycle upon qualification
4. The $2,000 commission requirement is only limited to GMB. If your newly enrolled Affiliates earn other types of commission, it will not be counted for the calculations.
5. Every mentor can earn a maximum of 3 Mentor Bonuses for each newly enrolled Affiliate.
6. Wayal reserves the right to change these terms at any time.

一 份$1200($700健康基金+$500獎金)的導師基金。

1. 參與此次優惠活動的導師本人必須購買創始分紅套裝
2. 導師推薦的新聯盟商必須在2018年4月1日至2018年12月31日內加入
3. 導師基金將在的新推薦聯盟商加入12個週期後驗證合格後發放
4. $2000獎金合格條件僅限於市場推廣獎(GMB),其它獎金不計算入內
5. 每個導師可在同 一 位新聯盟商身上賺取最多高達3份的導師基金
6. Wayal公司擁有此次活動的最終解釋与執行權