English Session

Date: January 27th, 2018 Time: 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Hosted by Ray Tsang – General Manager for Greater China Market
Gala Dinner to Follow – 7:30pm!
Location: Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers 20 Nathan Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui,
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Mr. Sterling Chord
Topic: The Path to Health and Wealth – The Wayal Way.

Choice is more important than effort. How can we make a smart choice? How can we marry our good choices with our efforts to produce the results we desire?

眾所周知,明智選擇的重要性遠遠大於努力本身。將明智的選擇與辛勤的努力合二為一,成功是必然的。如何做到選擇正確,努力值得?在一個適合自己的平臺上放飛自己的夢想—健康與財富自由的夢想?公司COO Sterling Chord 先生演講的題目是: 通往健康與財富之路:您值得依賴的方法 – Wayal模式。

Mr. Kevin McShane
Topic: Standing Out In A Sea of Sameness

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand. And a Heaven in a Wild Flower.” You will see a health world in Wayal because it supplies the world with a dynamic line of premium quality health-enhancing products. And you will also see a heaven on earth in Wayal because Wayal is providing a solution to degenerative diseases. Mr. McShane will speak from an expert’s perspective about why Wayal products stand out in a sea of sameness.

“一砂一世界,一花一天堂。”  Wayal 產品就是一個世界, 一個健康的世界;Wayal 產品就是一個天堂,人間的健康天堂。呵護你的健康, 不可不用Wayal產品; 管理你的健康,Wayal 奉獻永恒的解決之道。Kevin McShane 的演講題目是: “我們的產品為什麽與眾不同?” 他將從專家的視角詮釋這個“為什麽”。

Dr. Linda Friedland
Topic: Your Greatest Asset Is Your Health

Good health is desired by everybody. How do we obtain it? How do we maintain it? Can nutritionals play a role herein? How do we integrate nutritionals into our daily lives? Can Wayal push the envelope? Dr. Friedland will answer these crucial questions.

健康、魅力、活力、精力 — 這是每一個人都渴望的。如何擁有?如何保持?保健產品與健康究竟有什麽關系?我們與眾不同的系列健康產品在我們的日常生活如何體現其功效?Dr.Linda Friedland 的演講將給聽眾提供滿意的答案,此次演講的題目是:您最大的財富是您的健康。

Dr. Peter Kash
Topic: Making Your Own Luck With Wayal

During the Gala Dinner, Dr. Kash will discuss the approaching Chinese New Year. His presentation titled “Make Your Own Luck With Wayal” will serve as a message for the 2018 Year of the Dog, and explain why Wayal Health Sciences is the Midas Touch of your luck.

新春佳節將至。Dr. Kash 將在晚宴期間就即將來臨的中國狗年 —- 2018年發表別樣的“新年祝詞。” 他演講的題目是:當Wayal機會來敲門時。通過聆聽Dr. Kash 的演講,每一位嘉賓都會明白為什麽是Wayal 的機會“來敲門”。聽到這個“敲門聲”,你會深深體會到“你無法改變風的方向, 但是你可以調整風帆,順風飛揚”這句話的哲理。

Chinese Session

Date: January 28th, 2018
Time: 10:00am – 4:30pm (one-hour lunch)
Location: Wayal Hong Kong Office
Units 1505-6, Tower 2, Silvercord 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha
Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Herbert Pan(一星皇冠大使)
演講題目:占領市場至高點: 安道!安道!共贏天下!

 Kefeng Wei (一星皇冠大使)
演講題目: 擁抱Wayal, 擁抱世界

 Ted Liu

 Testimonials From The Field
演講題目 :團隊領袖成功經驗分享(3人)

 Bing Chung Cheung
演講題目: 我為什麽選擇Wayal? (粵語)