Leadership Requires Responsibility and Accountability

A plethora of meaningful definitions for leadership – guidance, direction, authority, control, management, superintendence, supervision, organization, government, orchestration, initiative, and influence – and yet there are two that stand out the most, namely...

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Boosting Your Brain Through Summer: the WAYAL Way

  What are the best strategies to boost our brains through the summer? Faced with so much information we don’t know what to believe. It is often difficult to separate the scientific facts from the latest health trends. Two fascinating advances in medicine over the...

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Don’t Get Sick When Travelling!

April is the best time for traveling, not cold, nor hot, just warm and comfortable. You may be in the middle of planning a much anticipated leisure trip. Alternatively, you may have a business trip, for which you quickly pack your small bag and laptop and dash off to...

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Are You Living With A Time Bomb?

These five habits can save your heart! Crushing chest pain, sudden loss of consciousness, ambulance, emergency department, heart attack! Each and every day, this common scenario presents at most hospitals throughout the world. After all, heart attack is the number-one...

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